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1. Club Specifics

1.1. Name

This organization is incorporated through the NH Secretary of State Corporation Division as Deep Woods Extreme 4x4 Club, here in referred to as Deep Woods Extreme, Inc.

1.2. Address

Deep Woods Extreme, Inc.
TBD, NH 03051

1.3. Objectives

  • Provide social, educational and recreational activities for the membership.
  • Support civic activities for the prosperity of the community.
  • Promote the sport of OHRV (off-highway recreational vehicle) usage in a safe and responsible manner.
  • Enjoy and protect natural resources while supporting the Multiple Use Principle regarding public land.
  • Promote interest and education to the ownership of OHRVs.

1.4. Fiscal Year

January 1 – December 31


2. Membership

2.1. Qualifications

2.1.1. All make/model OHRV owners and their respected family.

2.1.2. Applicants must be responsible citizens within their surrounding communities. Any member that conducts him/herself in an irresponsible manner resulting in government intervention will be subject to expulsion from the organization.

2.1.3. OHRV owner applicants must insure that their vehicle meets all Department of Motor Vehicle statutes. Vehicles must be registered and/or inspected in the owner applicant’s state of residence. If a vehicle is not inspected, it must be transported to and from a club-sponsored event by a DMV approved towing method.

2.2. Application for Membership

2.2.1. Anyone applying for membership must submit a signed and completed application form to an Officer of the organization. Based on the applicant’s signature they agree to adhere to the guidelines set forth on the back of the application, including that they have read and received a copy of the current by-laws. If any of the information presented on the application becomes inaccurate, the applicant must report the corrected information to the Secretary immediately so records can be updated.

2.2.2. Membership fees must be submitted at the time of application unless arrangements have been made with the Board of Directors to submit payment at a later date.

2.3. Approval by the Board of Directors

2.3.1. The Board of Directors will have the authority to approve or deny applicants for membership. If the Board of Directors denies a request they must provide a written or verbal reason for denial to the applicant.

2.3.2. The Board of Directors shall also approve or deny membership based on a “membership limit” which is calculated on an annual basis. Once the limit has been reached, remaining and future applicants will be placed on a waiting list until a space opens up or until the next annual membership renewal.

2.4. Provisional Membership

2.4.1. Upon Board of Directors discretion, an applicant may be accepted based on a “provisional membership” status. Provisional membership will last for a period defined by the Board of Directors. During the provisional period the applicant must attend a minimum of one monthly meeting, one club trail-run and one non-wheeling club sponsored event.

2.4.2. A “provisional member” may be immediately expelled for the following: Violation of any rules set forth in these by-laws. Any action considered by the Board of Directors to be detrimental toward the organization. Noncompliance with any Board of Director and/or any act that is disrespectful to other members of the organization.

2.4.3. A “provisional member” is not entitled to any full-member benefits until they have successfully completed their provisional period. This also defines that provisional members do not have to submit membership fees until they have been accepted into the organization.

2.4.4. A “provisional member” incurring expulsion is not granted the formal expulsion process.

2.4.5. Upon completion of the provisional period the Board of Directors will meet with the applicant to approve or deny “full-membership” status. At the time of acceptance the applicant will be asked to comply with Section 2 of these by-laws. At this time they will receive all organization privileges.


3. Organization Fees

3.1. Membership Fees

3.1.1. The Board of Directors shall determine the fee for membership on an annual basis. The fee for membership shall be calculated based on the previous years gains and losses.

3.1.2. The proposed membership fee shall receive membership approval via the voting process before being applied.

3.1.3. Membership fees cover one fiscal year of membership and are pro-rated by the Board of Directors based on the time of year you apply for membership.

3.1.4. Membership fees must be received before any organization privileges may be obtained and should be received by the deadline set forth from the Board of Directors.

3.2. Exceptions

At any time exceptions can be made for members who present their financial situation to the Board of Directors in a timely manner. The Board of Directors reserves the right to approve or deny an exception request based on validity and fairness to the organization.


4. Financial Information

4.1. Bank Account

4.1.1. The Treasurer shall maintain a checking/savings account for the organization under the name of Deep Woods Extreme.

4.1.2. Account transactions equal to or less than $1000 may be exercised by the Treasurer.

4.1.3. Both the Treasurer and the President must sign off on transactions that exceed $1000.

4.1.4. All financial transactions involving organization expenses shall be presented to the membership and approved by the voting process. However, if the Board of Directors feels the expenses will profit the organization, they may proceed with the expenditures, regardless of the membership vote.

4.2. Statements & Budgets

4.2.1. The Treasurer shall maintain a ledger of organization account information, including statement information.

4.2.2. The Treasurer in conjunction with the Board of Directors will maintain an annual budget for the organization for which they will base all expense decisions.

4.2.3. The Treasurer should provide a monthly financial activity report to the Board of Directors. This report can be verbal and/or written but must be reflected by updating the budget.

4.3. Corporate Accounts

4.3.1. All corporate accounts established must have Board of Director approval and the account shall be set-up so that all Executive Officers have access to the account.

4.3.2. All expenses incurred from a corporate account should be reported to the Treasurer and a receipt should be presented when available.

4.3.3. The Secretary shall maintain correspondence with the corporate account contacts to insure all information is kept current.


5. Meetings

5.1. Date & Location

5.1.1. Membership meetings will be held once a month throughout the fiscal year with the exception of one month. The Board of Directors reserves the right to hold meetings once a month for the entire twelve months in the fiscal year if they deem necessary.

5.1.2. Meetings shall be held at Domenic’s Auto & Jeep in Hampstead, NH on the first Wednesday of every month. The meetings shall be called to order no later than 7:30pm.

5.1.3. Members shall be notified no less than one month in advance regarding meeting information. If the meeting time, date, and/or place changes than members should be notified immediately.

5.2. Board of Directors Meetings

5.2.1. Board of Directors meetings shall be held once a month before the membership meeting. BOD members shall be notified in enough advance so as to allow for attendance.

5.2.2. Board of Directors meetings shall consist of the following: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, two delegates, and the Website Administrator.

5.2.3. Board of Directors meetings are open for observation to all members.

5.3. Attendance

5.3.1. Any Board of Directors member who accumulates more than three unexcused absences from both BOD and membership meetings will be asked to resign from office but he/she may remain a regular member.

5.3.2. Any member who accumulates a set number of unexcused absences as determined by the Board of Directors will be removed from the rolls of membership without refund and further organization privileges. The set number of occurrences must be communicated to applicants of the organization.

5.3.3. Excused absences will be allowed for work or family related issues. Advanced verbal notification to the Board of Directors of absenteeism is required unless just cause can be shown after the fact, i.e. emergency/illness.

5.4. Executive Sessions

5.4.1. An executive session may be held to discuss urgent topics before the Board, which may include legal issues, internal activities and/or sensitive and confidential matters.

5.4.2. An executive session must be held solely for purposes listed above and shall not be combined with a general membership meeting or BOD meeting. These sessions are closed to all except the Board of Directors and specified individuals.


6. Voting

6.1. Voting at Board of Directors meetings & Executive Sessions

6.1.1. A quorum of three of the elected Board of Directors must be present in order for voting to take place. The President must be present for voting to occur.

6.1.2. The topic for voting must be presented in a clear and concise manner and all BOD members must acquire an understanding of the issues at hand before voting can occur.

6.1.3. In the event that there is a tie, the President shall have the authority to declare the outcome within the best interest of the topic at hand.

6.2. Voting at Membership meetings

6.2.1. A quorum of at least seventy-five percent of the membership must be in attendance for voting to take place at a membership meeting.

6.2.2. A discussion period must be administered and all members must have an understanding of what they are being asked to decide before voting can begin. The topics being voted on must have BOD approval before being presented to the membership.

6.2.3. In the event that there is a tie, the President shall have the authority to declare the outcome within the best interest of the topic at hand.

6.3. Procedures

6.3.1. Voting will be done by the raising of hands or by secret ballot based on the confidentiality of the issue at hand. The Board of Directors will discern which procedure will be used.

6.3.2. Regardless of procedure, the Secretary will be responsible for tallying votes and shall present the results no more than one month following the voting.

6.3.3. Once the issue has been voted on and the results and members have been notified, the outcome of the vote will take affect.


7. Expulsion of Member(s)

7.1. Board of Directors Vote for Expulsion

7.1.1. The Board of Directors may vote to expel a member when it is considered to be in the best interest of the organization. The steps outlined in Section 6.1 must be adhered to for the expulsion to be valid.

7.2. Notification of Expulsion

7.2.1. A member voted to be expelled by the Board of Directors shall be verbally notified immediately by the President, and shall also receive a written notice of expulsion within five business days following the vote by registered mail.

7.3. Expelled Membership Privileges

7.3.1. Any member voted expelled by the Board of Directors for any reason(s) relinquishes club membership status and privileges. This includes but is not limited to the following: The privilege of use of any Deep Woods Extreme, Inc. sponsored property. Registration by Deep Woods Extreme, Inc. for any shows or runs. Any Deep Woods Extreme, Inc. affiliation or benefits obtained by membership. All payments of monies, dues, or otherwise, accrued prior to the expulsion date.

7.4. Board of Directors Review of Expulsion

7.4.1. Any member voted “expelled” by the Board of Directors has the right to have their case heard and reviewed by the Board of Directors by petitioning the Board of Directors verbally or in writing, within two weeks of the expulsion notification, with reason(s) why the said member should not be expelled.

7.5. Membership Privileges of Member Under “Review of Expulsion”

7.5.1. Any member under “review of expulsion” by the Board of Directors shall still adhere to the outline of Section 7.3.

7.6. Notification of Results of “Review of Expulsion” to the Expelled Member

7.6.1. Notification of the results of the Review of Expulsion shall be verbally given to the member by the President as well as a written report shall be sent to the member within five business days by registered mail.

7.7. Reasons for Expulsion (not limited to the following)

7.7.1. Any action which, at the discretion of the Board of Directors, alienates or causes distress of a ‘recreational use’ landowner.

7.7.2. Non-payment of dues as outlined in Section 3.

7.7.3. Non-attendance to Deep Woods Extreme, Inc. meetings as outlined in Section 5.

7.7.4. Causing Deep Woods Extreme, Inc. pain, damage, or defamation of character.

7.7.5. Endangering citizens of the public.

7.7.6. Causing personal conflicts within Deep Woods Extreme, Inc.

7.7.7. Running Deep Woods Extreme, Inc. sponsored property without express written permission by a Board of Director.

7.7.8. Participating in the use of alcohol within four hours prior to or during any Deep Woods Extreme, Inc. sponsored activity that involves driving or being a passenger in a motor vehicle.

7.7.9. Participating in the use of illegal drugs on any Deep Woods Extreme, Inc. sponsored activity.

7.7.10. Violation of any rules set forth in these by-laws.

7.7.11. Non-compliance with any Board of Director or authoritative figure.

7.7.12. Improper disposal of trash by any member at any time, including but not limited to cigarette butts.

7.7.13. Improper usage of club administered electronic communication for anything other than club-related business.


8. Re-instatement of Membership

8.1. Membership Privileges of Expelled Club Member

8.1.1. Any expelled member allowed to return to active membership shall receive all regular membership privileges upon completion of the Review of Expulsion process based on the outline of Section 2.1. The Board of Directors may however, choose to place the member on a “probationary period”. The “probationary period” timeframe would be determined by the Board of Directors.

8.1.2. Any member cited for committing an illegal act will permanently forfeit their right to re-instatement.


9. Board of Directors

9.1. Composition of the Board of Directors

9.1.1. The Board of Directors shall be composed of those mentioned in Section 5.2.2. The officers listed may collectively add or remove an office to be included in the Board of Directors.

9.1.2. Board of Director positions shall be filled by Deep Woods Extreme, Inc. members in good standing with the organization, and their surrounding communities.

9.2. Powers of the Board of Directors

9.2.1. The affairs of Deep Woods Extreme, Inc. shall be managed by the Board of Directors who shall have and may exercise all the powers of the organization, except those powers reserved for the membership by law or by these by-laws.

9.3. Executive Officer’s Titles and Qualifications

9.3.1. The executive officers of Deep Woods Extreme, Inc. shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. All officers shall be members in good standing with Deep Woods Extreme, Inc., and their surrounding community, for no less than one year prior to office. The Vice President shall temporarily hold the office of President, while still maintaining the office of Vice President, should the President have to vacate for any reason.

9.3.2. A person may not hold more than one Executive position at one time.

9.4. Election of Executive Officers and Board of Directors

9.4.1. Offices shall be elected annually at the last membership meeting of the fiscal year.

9.4.2. Nominations shall be declared open at the next to last meeting of the fiscal year.

9.4.3. Nominations will remain open until declared closed by the Secretary prior to voting activity.

9.4.4. Each nomination must be seconded for acceptance by the existing Board of Directors based on Section 9.3.

9.4.5. The Secretary will record all nominations that are accepted.

9.4.6. Elections shall be by a secret ballot.

9.4.7. The Secretary and the President will collect and count the ballots.

9.4.8. In the event of a tie, a run-off election will be held between the tied participants.

9.5. Tenure of Officers

9.5.1. Each elected officer shall hold office until the last meeting of the fiscal year and successors, if any, are elected and appointed. The term of any Officer shall terminate if he dies, ceases to be a regular member, is removed or disqualified.

9.6. Executive Office Vacancy

9.6.1. A vacancy in any executive office may, at the discretion of the Board of Directors, be filled for the uncompleted term by a qualified regular member in good standing, either by appointment of the BOD, or by a special Board of Directors meeting called to elect a replacement. The Board of Directors may exercise their powers notwithstanding the existence of one or more vacancies in their number. If a situation arises where there is two or more vacancies then a quorum will exist for 3/4ths of the Board of Directors, but only for the purpose of appointing or electing executive office replacements.

9.7. Suspension and Removal of an Executive Officer

9.7.1. An officer may be suspended or removed with or without cause by a majority vote at a Special Board of Directors meeting called for that purpose. An officer may be removed with cause only after reasonable notice and opportunity to be heard as outlined in Sections 7 & 8.

9.8. Resignation of an Executive Officer/Member

9.8.1. An officer/member may resign his/her position by delivering written resignation to the President, Vice President, or Secretary. Such resignation shall be effective upon receipt (unless specified to be effective at some other time) and acceptance thereof shall be necessary to make it effective unless it so states.

9.8.2. Anyone resigning from his/her position must adhere to the guidelines set forth in Section 7.3.


10. Executive Officers

10.1. President

10.1.1. The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the organization, and subject to the control of the Board of Directors, shall have general charge and supervision of the affairs of the organization in accordance with these by-laws. The President shall preside at all meetings.

10.2. Vice President

10.2.1. The Vice President shall have such duties and powers, as the Board of Directors shall determine. He/she shall have and may exercise all the powers and duties as the President during the absence of the President or in the President’s inability to act.

10.3. Secretary

10.3.1. The Secretary shall accurately record and maintain records of all proceedings of the Board of Directors meetings and regular member sessions, as well as accurately maintain records and information concerning the organization. If the Secretary is absent from a meeting, a temporary secretary shall be chosen to exercise the duties of the Secretary at the meeting(s).

10.3.2. The Secretary shall be the main contact person for the organization and shall disperse information to the proper person(s).

10.4. Treasurer

10.4.1. The Treasurer shall be the Chief Financial Officer and the Chief Accounting Officer of the organization. He/she shall also be in charge of its financial affairs, funds, securities, and valuable papers and shall keep accurate records thereof, under the discretion of the Board of Directors.

10.4.2. The Treasurer shall also have other duties and powers as designated by the Board of Directors.

10.4.3. The Treasurer shall maintain a written annual “running” budget for the organization to base expenditures for the fiscal year.

10.4.4. The Treasurer shall create and maintain a “petty cash” for organization re-imbursements up to fifty dollars. Any re-imbursements over fifty dollars shall be presented by a check drawn off the Deep Woods Extreme, Inc. account.

10.4.5. Candidate(s) for the office of treasurer shall be able to show proof of good credit standing and control of their own personal finances.


11. Board of Directors

11.1. Web Administrator(s)

11.1.1. Web administrators shall accurately create and maintain the organization’s website.

11.1.2. Web administrators shall place information collected from members in a timely manner, no less than once a month.

11.1.3. Web administrators shall respect the website and the contents thereof as the property of Deep Woods Extreme, Inc. They shall submit any web-related expenses to the Treasurer for re-imbursement and shall provide a receipt for the claimed expenses.

11.1.4. The Secretary will maintain all records of web-related accounts and will report expenditures to the Treasurer as necessary.

11.2. Editor(s)

11.2.1. Editors shall publish a monthly newsletter for the purpose of informing the general membership of organization issues and events. The editors may exercise the right to publish the newsletter every other month from November-March.

11.2.2. Editors shall accurately maintain a contact list for the membership and shall create event publications, business documents, and other publications as designated by the Board of Directors.

11.2.3. Editors shall submit any publishing related expenses to the Treasurer for re-imbursement and shall provide a receipt for claimed expenses.

11.3. Public Relations

11.3.1. The Board of Directors may delegate a member to be in charge of Public Relations issues. This person’s duty would include, but not be limited to: being the spokesperson and event coordinator for events the organization is hosting within the community, notifying the membership in a timely manner of upcoming event details, planning and coordinating the methods and supplies needed to perform the event, and releasing statements and press releases regarding the events to the media.

11.3.2. The person appointed for Public Relations should not act without the express consent of the Board of Directors and shall not act in a manner that would in any way jeopardize the goals of the organization. The person should be a well-respected and responsible citizen in their surrounding community and shall have been a member of the organization in good standing for no less than one year.

11.4. Master To Arms

11.4.1. Master To Arms shall maintain the cleanliness of meeting premises by means of: sweeping the floors of debris, putting away chairs or meeting equipment, etc. The Master To Arms shall have other duties as designated by the Board of Directors.

11.5. Delegates

11.5.1. Each fiscal year, two delegates shall be chosen by the Executive Officers. The candidates shall be active members in good standing for no less than one year.

11.5.2. A delegate’s duties shall include, but not be limited to: representing the general membership with ideas and concerns to the Board of Directors, assisting the Executive Officers with various tasks related to the organization, assisting with alerting members by phone regarding an upcoming event or emergency issue, etc.


12. Committees

12.1. The Board of Directors at its discretion may elect or appoint one or more committees and may delegate to any such committee(s) any or all of its powers.

12.2. Unless the Board of Directors otherwise designates, committees shall conduct their affairs under the provisions of these by-laws. The members of any committee shall remain in office at the pleasure of the Board of Directors.

12.3. Committees shall be formed as directed by the Board of Directors to support organization activities.

12.3.1. Committees may consist of officers, delegates, and regular members and shall be appointed by the Board of Directors.

12.3.2. The Board of Directors retains the right to add or remove individual committee members.

12.3.3. Committee members shall report all activity to the Board of Directors.

12.3.4. Committee members shall elect their own Chairperson.


13. Execution of Papers

13.1. The Board of Directors may generally, or in particular cases, authorize the execution of deeds, leases, transfers, contracts, bonds, notes, checks, drafts, and other obligations made, accepted, or endorsed by the organization, to be signed by the President or the Treasurer as outlined in Section 4. The Secretary may oversee the drafting of the articles listed but the signature must be by one of the named officers.


14. Personal Liability

14.1. The Board of Directors and general membership shall not be personally liable for any debt, liability, or obligation of the organization. All entities extending credit to, contracting with, or having any claim against Deep Woods Extreme, Inc. may look only to the funds and property of Deep Woods Extreme, Inc. for payment of any debt, damages, judgment, or decree, or of any money that may otherwise become due or payable to them from Deep Woods Extreme, Inc.

14.2. Deep Woods Extreme, Inc. shall acquire a general liability insurance policy and shall make the policy available for any party wishing to view the details. The policy shall apply only to damages of private property, landowners, spectators, etc. resulting from a Deep Woods Extreme, Inc. sponsored event and will not apply to any damages resulting from members participating in an event that was not approved by the Board of Directors through written permission.

14.3. All applicants to Deep Woods Extreme, Inc. will be required to provide proof of a personal insurance policy, regardless of state laws and requirements.

14.4. Applicants to Deep Woods Extreme, Inc. must sign a Release of Liability agreement upon acceptance to the organization. The agreement shall outline the following:

14.4.1. OHRV operation can be inherently dangerous and can result in bodily injury and/or death.

14.4.2. OHRV operation can cause irreparable damage to the vehicle.

14.4.3. Upon acceptance of membership, the applicant agrees to take full responsibility for their actions. If any personal injury is incurred or vehicle damage is incurred, the member and his/her personal representatives, next of kin, and/or heirs agree to indemnify and hold harmless all Board of Directors, general members, landowners, and event affiliates from any loss, liability, damage or cost. The member also agrees to assist in any claims to the Deep Woods Extreme, Inc. insurance policy due to any damages they incur.

14.5. Any guest participating in a Deep Woods Extreme, Inc. sponsored event, whether operating a motor vehicle, occupying a motor vehicle as a passenger, or attending the event as a spectator, must agree to sign and adhere to a Release of Liability provided by the organization’s liability policy. Failure to cooperate will disqualify them to participate and/or spectate at the event.

15. Events & Guests

15.1. Events

15.1.1. An event shall be described as any wheeling or non-wheeling activity that has received written permission for the usage of the defined location(s) and has received approval by the Board of Directors. The written permission shall include the details of location, date(s), determined allowance of participants, specific instructions regarding the event such as time and activities, and signatures of all related parties.

15.1.2. Members of the organization shall not return to private property acquired through written permission without approval from the Board of Directors. Members who receive approval from the BOD to return to the specified location must adhere to the written permission requirements for that property. Any violation of those instructions could result in expulsion.

15.1.3. Anyone partaking in a sponsored event shall adhere to the following guidelines: Irresponsible destruction or disrespect to private property, event facilities, or landowners will result in immediate expulsion. Alterations of trails or event facilities without permission will not be tolerated. Adherence to the guidelines as defined in Section 7.7.

15.1.4. All events will be under the direction of a leader appointed by the Board of Directors. Once the leader is appointed, all members are subject to the directions of the leader throughout the duration of the event. Any changes to event details must be communicated to and approved by the appointed leader so that all parties are in agreement.

15.1.5. For insurance rate purposes; the Secretary will publish a sign-up sheet for those who wish to participate in a specific event. Once a signature has been administered, the signed person will be held accountable for their attendance to the event unless just cause can be shown after the fact for their absenteeism i.e. illness/emergency. If no just cause is provided for absenteeism the signed person will be responsible for submitting a fee, determined by the Board of Directors, to cover their deduction from the insurance premium. The Board of Directors will assume the duty of contacting those who sign-up to inform them of event details and reminders.

15.1.6. Events will be conducted in a safe and orderly manner.

15.1.7. Children under the age of eighteen must be accompanied by a responsible adult, and shall be supervised at all times. A licensed and responsible adult, due to the possible risks of the sport, must accompany members under the age of eighteen, who wish to operate a motor vehicle. In addition, anyone operating a motor vehicle on a club-sponsored event must possess a valid driver’s license in compliance with motor vehicle requirements.

15.2. Guests

15.2.1. Guests wishing to attend a club-sponsored event must adhere to the guidelines set forth in Section 15.1, however guests will not receive regular membership privileges.

15.2.2. Guests wishing to attend a club-sponsored event and operate a motor vehicle must adhere to the following guidelines, in addition to these by-laws: Guest(s) must be sponsored by a regular member and the Board of Directors must have no less than a two-week notice of the guest’s attendance. The regular member will also be the guests designated “buddy” throughout the duration of the event. Guest(s) must agree to pay a fee as determined by the Board of Directors to cover the cost of the insurance premium deduction. Guest(s) will only be allowed to attend one event. If the guest would like to attend future events, they must pay the pro-rated membership fees and be added to the rolls of the club. Furthermore, there will be a maximum number of guests allowed as determined by the Board of Directors based on the limitations of the event. Guests will be allowed on a first-come-first-serve basis.

15.2.3. The Board of Directors reserves the right to approve or deny guests with or without communicating just cause.


16. Amendments

16.1. These by-laws may be altered, amended, or appealed in whole or in part by vote of majority of the Board of Directors, except with respect to any provision thereof which by law or by these by-laws requires action by the members.

16.2. This original set of by-laws was voted on and accepted by the Board of Directors on _________.


17. Dissolution of Deep Woods Extreme, Inc.

17.1. Dissolution of Deep Woods Extreme, Inc. will be executed in accordance with the laws of the State of New Hampshire with regards to non-profit organizations.


We, the undersigned duly elected Executive Officers of Deep Woods Extreme, Inc., hold these by-laws to be ratified and accepted on this day.

President, Ryan Frost

Vice President, Jeff Clavett

Secretary, Jennifer McClearn

Treasurer, Domenic Pono

Trails Coordinator, Jeremyah Bilodeau

To download a PDF copy of the By Laws click here

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